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Try This To Speed Up Computer Performance

Try This To Speed Up Computer Performance

Try This To Speed Up Computer Performance

Working with a slow computer is a drag in more ways than one. Getting rid of the things that slow your computer to a crawl can help improve your productivity and your computing experience. But what exactly can you do to make your computer run faster? Here are some tips that will help you reclaim some of the performance your computer has lost over time.

Keeping Things Clean Helps Speed Things Up

Generally, you can’t go wrong by keeping things clean, and this is especially true on your computer. To keep things clean on your computer, try deleting files you no longer need. This includes temporary files that your browser or installation routines may create or leave behind. Use the disk cleanup utility to identify this clutter and give it the heave-ho.

If you have large files stored on your hard disk that you don’t use (or use only infrequently), consider moving these off to a DVD, CD-ROM or external hard drive. This will help make more space available on your main drive, which in turn, will speed things up for you.

I discussed bloatware in my last post, and this stuff is an ideal candidate for the recycle bin. Consider getting rid of font packages you don’t use, either. Those files load each time you start your computer and they will drag your performance down.

Keeping things clean is only one way to improve your computer performance. Keeping things neat is another way to speed things up. Your Windows file system has an order to it, and keeping files stored in the file system will help. Don’t store files on the desktop because the desktop is a special place that’s treated differently than a folder in the file structure is. Use the Downloads folder or something similar to catch files you pull off the Internet, and store the files you create in My Documents or a sub-folder.

Keep your registry clean and use a trusted registry cleaner/optimizer like Speedy PC Pro. Speedy PC Pro is easy to download and install, and it’s simple to use. You can scan your computer for problems with a click of the mouse, and fixing errors is just as simple. Speedy PC Pro is a trusted, well-recommended product and will have your computer operating at peak efficiency in no time. Download a copy and see for yourself what a difference Speedy PC Pro can make!

Photo Credit: purplejavatroll, via Flickr