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Optimizing Is The Best Way To Speed Up Computer Performance

Paul Watson, PC Technician

Friday, May 18th 2012

Optimizing Is The Best Way To Speed Up Computer Performance

Optimizing Is The Best Way To Speed Up Computer Performance

I’m always asked what causes a slow computer, and I have to say that there is no “correct” answer to this question. Many things can slow down a computer, and not all slow conditions are equal. Here something to consider when you’re trying to correct some “slow computer” conditions.

Slow Can Start Anywhere

Sometimes, “slow” happens fast. Your computer is working and then suddenly, it isn’t. When this happens, your “slow” computer could be caused by trouble on your PC’s network connection, a processor overload or a program that’s gone rogue. If things were fine this morning, and now they’re not, quitting all applications would be my first piece of advice. Once you have the applications shut down, if the computer is still slow, reboot and see if your problem clears.

If “slow” happens slowly, your performance problem is more likely the result of how you use your computer, rather than what’s going on at this instant or that instant. Conditions that can contribute to a slow computer accumulate over time. At some point, you notice that your computer just isn’t as fast as it was at one point, but you can’t really find a smoking gun.

In this case, optimizing your PC is more likely a solution than anything else. By optimizing the way your PC performs, you can control what your computer does, when things happen and how they impact your performance.

Optimizing your PC sounds daunting because there are many ways to optimize your PC. Optimizing is also a matter of personal preference. What works for me and what I prefer won’t always work for someone else.

There are many different tools available to optimize your PC, but the one I like best is SpeedyPC Pro. SpeedyPC Pro gives me the tools I need to really make sure that my PC operates the way I want it to work. By eliminating the things that slow the computer down, like leftovers in the registry and services you don’t need, you can really improve the performance of the computer, and ensure that you’re not wasting time while you wait for your computer to perform tasks you don’t need or aren’t interested in.

Choosing the right optimizing software is easy, as long as you work with SpeedyPC Pro. The software is easy to install and use, and the interface is simple to understand. For my money, nothing works better for me than SpeedyPC Pro.

Photo Credit: sporras, via Flickr

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