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Regular Maintenance Is A Good Remedy For A Slow Computer

Paul Watson, PC Technician

Sunday, October 16th 2011

Regular Maintenance Is A Good Remedy For A Slow Computer

Regular Maintenance Is A Good Remedy For A Slow Computer

Speeding up a slow computer is a process, not a single activity. If you develop a program of regular maintenance, you can help ensure that your computer never experiences a noticeable performance drop. Using a combination of the built-in tools and the tools available in SpeedUpMyPC 2011, you can help keep your computer running well, and keep its performance optimized all the time.

Basic Maintenance Goes A Long Way

One of the best things you can do for your computer is to defragment the hard disk regularly. If you use your computer frequently, and transfer files around a lot, defragmenting your hard disk should be a high priority. By defragmenting your hard disk regularly, you ensure that your files aren’t scattered around your hard disk, which would require additional time for the computer to piece your file back together. Defragmenting your hard disk is really optimizing its performance. By optimizing its performance regularly, you can help ensure that your computer operates at the fastest possible speeds.

If you’re a heavy computer user, consider defragmenting your hard disk monthly. This operation can take awhile, so try to set this up to run overnight if possible. If you’re not a heavy computer user, consider defragmenting your hard disk at least once per quarter.

Run the disk utility regularly, regardless of how much or little you use the computer. The Disk Utility, which is built into the operating system, will check the integrity of the hard disk, locate bad disk sectors and in some cases, will recover information that has been stored there. The disk utility should also be run after a system crash to clear out the debris and locate sectors that may have gone bad during the crash, or caused the crash in the first place. Run your disk utility monthly and following each crash.

For performance optimization, run SpeedUpMyPC 2011 regularly. SpeedUpMyPC 2011 will help you address performance issues that can slow down your computer. SpeedUpMyPC 2011 works to find applications that may be reducing your computer’s performance, as well as settings that could be slowing your computer down. In addition, SpeedUpMyPC 2011 keeps track of what’s in the registry, and removes entries that are no longer needed. This is desirable because unnecessary registry entries can slow the computer down. SpeedUpMyPC 2011 can also optimize your Internet connection, a primary source of degraded performance.

SpeedUpMyPC 2011 has been downloaded and installed more than a million times by users all over the world who are interested in speeding up the performance of their computers without spending a fortune, and without needing the assistance of a professional PC technician.

Photo Credit: Ken Teegardin, via Flickr

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